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Published: 10th October 2011
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Are your back pain issues stopping from you doing the simple things in life that you love? Fed up with not being able to do the simple things in daily life? It's only when you experience back pain for yourself that you realize how nightmarishly painful it can be. But What if you could relieve your pain naturally, with absolutely no medication and just using the laws of physics to get rid of your pain? How much better would your quality of life be minus your back pain?

Customer Review
"As a sciatica sufferer I had tried pretty much everything I could think of to fix my problem including yoga, massage, a chiropractor and even laser therapy. There just didn't seem to be any end to the pain no matter what I tried. A close personal friend mentioned using inversion table therapy to help me cure my sciatica and I was intrigued to say the least. In no more than 6 weeks the Teeter As Seen On TV has almost totally eliminated my sciatica problem - and it only took a few minutes per day. Who could have believed that something as simple as inversion could have such dramatic results. I can't recommend this product strongly enough."

Painkillers are fine as a short-term solution to your back pain but you will need something more permanent. With back pain caused by excessive pressure on the spine the cure is really in relieving the pressure on your spine and allowing it to hydrate and repair itself. Using a product like the Teeter Back Care can help you heal your back naturally. You can have treatments like this in a chiropractor but they're costly whereas this inversion table lets your treat you back pain problems at home and at a much lower cost.

Your self-preservation instincts will mean that it takes a while to get used to hanging upside down at first. It's a natural self-preservation instinct to try to right yourself when falling over. But you can ease yourself into inversion slowly and start off at a tilt of just a few degrees and increase it gradually from there. Doing it this way will give your body a chance to become accustomed to being upside down.

From the moment you unpack the Teeter Inversion Tables you'll notice just how well-built this inversion table is. You don't need to worry about how much weight the EP-650 can support because its heat-treated steel components can support in excess of 300 pounds. On top of that you get a 5-year warranty to give you ongoing peace of mind. No other inversion table can match the products from Teeter.

Customer Review
"I was surprised to see this inversion table arrived partially assembled and setting up the rest of it takes less than an hour. What sticks in my mind about this inversion table is the quality of construction. This product has helped me eliminate my weekly and expensive visits to my chiropractor which recently cost me several thousand dollars. Hanging upside down is going to feel a bit weird at first but you'll be surprised at how quickly you get used to it. The trick here is to take your time and slowly increase the angle of tilt over time. The Teeter is an ideal inversion table for anyone looking for high quality and excellent pricing."

You can get a 30-day trial of the Teeter Ups for just $14.95. If you order right now you'll also receive the "30 Days To A Better Back" at no additional cost. Do yourself a favor and invest in removing your back pain now - just like over 2,000,000 other Teeter users have.

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